Adventure Honeymoon: Skydiving and Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Adventure Honeymoon Skydiving and Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Planning an adventure-filled honeymoon in New Zealand, complete with heart-pounding skydives and exhilarating bungee jumps? You’re in for an unforgettable experience in one of the world’s most stunning and adrenaline-pumping destinations. 

Let’s dive deep into everything you need to know to make your adventure honeymoon in New Zealand absolutely perfect.

Why Choose New Zealand for Your Adventure Honeymoon?

New Zealand isn’t just a country; it’s a playground for thrill-seekers. With its diverse landscapes—from snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches—and a culture that embraces adventure, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice for honeymooners looking to add a dash of adrenaline to their romantic getaway

Whether you’re plunging from dizzying heights or soaring through the clouds, New Zealand offers the perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Skydiving in New Zealand: Thrills from Above

Choosing Your Skydiving Location

New Zealand boasts several iconic locations for skydiving, each offering unique vistas and experiences:

  • Queenstown: Known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown offers breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps.
  • Taupo: Skydive over New Zealand’s largest lake, surrounded by volcanic mountains and lush countryside.
  • Abel Tasman National Park: Experience a coastal skydive with views of golden beaches and turquoise waters.

What to Expect During Your Skydive

Skydiving in New Zealand offers an exhilarating journey from start to finish, blending nerves with pure excitement. 

Here’s a detailed look at what typically unfolds during your skydiving adventure:

Preparation: Safety First

Before you board the aircraft, you’ll undergo a comprehensive safety briefing conducted by your experienced tandem instructor. 

This briefing covers essential aspects such as:

  • Equipment Overview: You’ll be introduced to the skydiving gear, including the harness, altimeter, and parachute system. Your instructor will explain how each component works and ensure everything is securely fitted.
  • Body Positioning: Understanding the correct body position during the jump is crucial for stability and safety. Your instructor will demonstrate and guide you on how to position your body during the freefall and parachute descent phases.
  • Emergency Procedures: While rare, emergencies are part of any safety briefing. Your instructor will explain emergency protocols, such as what to do in case of parachute malfunctions or other unexpected situations.

Ascent: Taking Flight

Once you’re suited up and briefed, it’s time to board the aircraft. The ascent itself is an exciting part of the experience, offering you a chance to absorb the stunning landscapes of New Zealand from a unique perspective. 

As the plane climbs to your designated jump altitude, you’ll feel a mix of anticipation and awe as you witness the country’s natural beauty unfold beneath you.

Freefall: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives as you reach jump altitude. With your tandem instructor securely attached, you’ll leap out of the aircraft into the open sky. 

The initial rush of freefalling at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour is an unparalleled adrenaline surge. 

For approximately 60 seconds, you’ll experience a thrilling sensation of weightlessness as you descend through the sky.

During freefall, you might notice:

  • Wind Rush: The sensation of wind rushing past you creates a sensory experience like no other.
  • Panoramic Views: As you plummet towards the earth, you’ll have uninterrupted panoramic views of New Zealand’s diverse landscapes—mountains, coastlines, and forests unfolding beneath you in a breathtaking tapestry.

Parachute Descent: Serenity in the Sky

Just when you’ve fully embraced the exhilaration of freefall, your instructor will deploy the parachute. 

The sudden change from high-speed descent to a gentle canopy ride offers a moment of transition and awe-inspiring serenity. 

During this phase:

  • Canopy Control: Your instructor may allow you to control the parachute under their guidance, giving you a sense of steering and maneuvering through the air.
  • Scenic Flight: Enjoy a leisurely descent where you can soak in the tranquility and beauty

Safety Tips and Equipment

Safety is paramount when skydiving. Here are key tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Choose a Licensed Operator: Look for operators certified by the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA) or equivalent regulatory body.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay close attention during the safety briefing and follow your instructor’s guidance at all times.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear weather-appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes for comfort during the jump.

Packing Essentials

Don’t forget to pack these essentials for your skydiving adventure:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions.
  • GoPro or a camera to capture your epic freefall and descent.
  • Identification and any required paperwork provided by your skydiving operator.
Adventure Honeymoon Skydiving and Bungee

Bungee Jumping: Taking the Plunge in New Zealand

Best Bungee Jumping Locations

Bungee jumping was born in New Zealand, and the country offers a variety of spectacular jump spots:

  • Kawarau Bridge: The world’s first commercial bungee jump site, located near Queenstown.
  • Nevis Bungy: One of the highest bungee jumps in New Zealand, with a 134-meter drop over the Nevis River gorge.
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge: Leap from the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge for a thrilling urban bungee experience.

Safety and Preparation

Before you take the leap, ensure your bungee jumping experience is safe and exhilarating:

  • Check Safety Standards: Confirm that your chosen bungee operator complies with safety regulations and conducts regular equipment checks.
  • Embrace the Moment: Standing on the edge, preparing to jump, is a mix of fear and excitement you’ll cherish forever.
  • Photography Options: Many operators offer photo and video packages to capture your courageous leap. Consider investing in these to relive the moment and share it with friends and family.

Practical Advice for Your Adventure Honeymoon

  • Booking in Advance: Plan ahead and book your skydiving and bungee jumping experiences early, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • Weather Considerations: New Zealand’s weather can change quickly. Check forecasts before booking and have flexibility in your itinerary to accommodate weather variations.
  • Local Cuisine and Culture: Take time to savor New Zealand’s diverse culinary scene and immerse yourself in its rich Maori culture during your honeymoon.


Your adventure honeymoon in New Zealand promises breathtaking scenery, heart-pounding thrills, and moments of pure exhilaration. 

Whether you’re freefalling from a plane or taking a leap of faith off a bridge, each experience will create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Ready to embark on this incredible journey? Start planning today and get ready to discover why New Zealand is the ultimate destination for adventurous honeymooners.


What are the best places for skydiving in New Zealand?

The Bay of Islands is considered one of the best places for skydiving in New Zealand, offering tandem skydiving with stunning views of the 144 islands. 

Other popular skydiving destinations include Lake Taupo, Queenstown, and Wanaka.

What types of bungee jumping are available in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers various bungee jumping experiences, including the iconic Kawarau Bridge Bungy (the world’s first commercial bungy site), the Nevis Bungy (at 134 meters, one of the highest in the world), the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy, and the Taupo Bungy over the Waikato River.

Are there any combo adventure packages for skydiving and bungee jumping?

Yes, several companies in New Zealand offer combo packages that allow you to experience both skydiving and bungee jumping, often at a discounted rate.

For example, AJ Hackett Bungy offers a Taupo Bungy and Skydive Combo package.

What are the weight and health requirements for skydiving and bungee jumping?

For tandem skydiving in New Zealand, the typical weight limit is around 225 pounds (102 kg). For bungee jumping, the weight limit can vary but is generally around 300 pounds (136 kg). Participants should also be in good health and consult a doctor if they have any concerns.

What safety precautions should be taken for these adventure activities?

Safety is a top priority for reputable skydiving and bungee jumping operators in New Zealand. 

Participants should follow all instructions from trained professionals, wear appropriate gear (like goggles and sturdy shoes), and disclose any relevant health conditions. Double-checking equipment and adhering to weight limits is also crucial.